Wharton — Getting Started with iPad

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Wharton Apps

Required Program Apps

Some Recommended Apps

Setting up Wharton Apps

  • Tap the "Wharton Apps" icon. (This might be on the next screen -- swipe to the right or left to switch screens.)

Wharton Apps

  • Inside of Wharton Apps you should see a list of App Store apps that can be installed (note: You’ll also see In-House Apps and Updates. We’ll talk about those later).
    • Note: If a paid app was purchased for you by Wharton, it can be downloaded from the App Store using your Apple ID. Pre-purchased apps will be designated with a "Redeem" logo, indicating that they have already been purchased and simply require redemption through the App Store. (An example is below. Your apps may be different.)

Wharton Apps

  • Other free or recommended apps:
    • Study.Net is a required, free app.
      • Tap the Study.Net icon to launch the App Store.
      • The App Store will launch directly to the app you selected.
      • To install Study.Net, first tap "FREE" below the app icon.


      • Tap the green "INSTALL APP" button below the app icon.


      • You will be prompted to enter an existing Apple ID or to create a new one. If you already have an Apple ID, click "Use Existing Apple ID" and authenticate with your Apple ID and password. Otherwise, click "Create New Apple ID" (see creating Apple ID section).
      • Study.Net will appear on the second Home screen when installed.

Sign In (Apple ID)

    • Return to Wharton Apps often to see if there are new recommended or purchased applications available.
    • Install some of the other provided applications such as Canvas, Kindle, or Inkling.
  • Wharton Apps also allows the ability to push out apps developed internally at Wharton that aren’t available in Apple’s App Store.
    • Internally developed apps can be updated directly through Wharton Apps.

Internal Apps

    • Apps purchased through the Apple App Store are updated through the App Store on iPad.
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